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It Ain’t What You Get, It’s What You Give


Over the years Octavia’s allure with pushing the envelope is evidenced in her fun driving track many can relate to called “Naughty Girl.”   True story, Octavia sang her way out of a speeding ticket with this song.  The entire story is conveyed at her shows.   
Octavias’ song “Ice Cold Beer” has terrific commercial potential as a beer company advertisement. 

Down In The Hollow


This mostly original CD contains tracks steeped in the blues tradition. Octavia’s over forty seven years of live performance is evidenced in her textured vocals coupled with a harmonica style that has been described as “wicked.” Octavia’s song writing abilities “rock” body and soul.

A Touch Of Wisdom


Octavia’s Singer songwriter album was inspired by reflections of life. This beautifully written collection of songs is a multi-genre album laced with Octavia’s signature
harmonica and passionate vocals.

Infusion With Octavia Live At Lancaster Jazz Festival


The sultry vocals and outstanding harmonica playing Octavia is noted for adds emotion to these classic jazz favorites. The seasoned musicians backing Octavia on piano, upright acoustic bass, and drums round out this tasteful live performance.

Driven By The Harp


Octavias first vinyl album was rereleased to CD. An eclectic collection of Octavia originals and some cover songs with the powerful harmonica and vocals Octavia is noted for.