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I have been writing music for my next two albums.  Some songs are reflective of a world of change that so many have been affected by.    
I am grateful for and inspired by the freedom to express a range of relatable emotions
 with remarkably gifted musicians.
The magic of the recording studio creates a stirring experience enabling me to capture the vocal and harmonica harmonies and textures I hear in my head unlocking creative doors.
This may take a while but please do stay tuned for further updates.

Exciting news!

Octavia Blues Ranks # 1 on ReverbNation!

Hi Friends,

Octavia is very excited and proud to have been endorsed by Suzuki Music USA and Godin Guitars. Octavia has been playing Suzuki Pro Master Valved Harmonicas for many years.  The Manji is also a part of Octavia’s harmonica collection. Both harmonicas have a clear bright tone with great action. They are well constructed, reliable and durable to an aggressive work and practice schedule.  New to Octavia is the Suzuki Chromatix harmonica.
Should you need anything Suzuki, please do not hesitate to call Daron Stinton at Suzuki Music USA, 1-800-854-1594. Daron is great to work with. Tell him Octavia sent you!

Octavia has been performing on Godin Guitars for several years. The A6 Ultra and the Acousticaster 40th Anniversary edditions are part of her collection. They are chambered solid body electric guitars providing both a rich clear acoustic sound from the acoustic bridge as well as slick electric sounds that the Humbucker pick up provides. Both guitars sound feel and look great. No one could ever take Octavia from her Guild guitars until Godin. There is “something” in the buttery feel of the Godin Guitar necks.

Octavia recently found out that Sophie Tucker was her great aunt!… Nice!