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  1. Thank you so very much for your comment! It’s comments such a yours that musiciansso very much appreciate. We feel blessed to connect with the audience and experience a reciprical magic. For most of us, that’s what it’s all about. Knowing that we capture that connection on our recorded music is a big plys for us and means a Great deal.
    Much appreciation for taking the time to post what’s in your heart and the very best to you…. Keep on playing the music that touches your soul Darlin’ XOXOXO

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Octavia I took a trip down memory lane tonight and listened to lots of your songs. It brought back so many memories of all your shows that I attended before my move to Florida. Some favorites were “Ready for the Weekend, Share with You, and Song for My Father which highlighted your fabulous harmonica playing. I never heard you sing the song “Do You Love Me” at one of your concerts but I actually liked your version better than the original. Definitely have to dance on that one! You are so versatile in every way and passionate in your songwriting and performing. Thanks for sharing your talents with us all these years and for many more to come. Whether you are singing the blues, something smooth or mellow, or something really funky, you’ve got it all, sister. And we love you and your music.

  3. Debra Schiff

    Hi Octavia,
    I thought you might enjoy reading Murder at the Crossroads, a mystery co-written by acclaimed blues artist Doug MacLeod and myself for fellow blues lovers. I’ve included a brief synopsis and Amazon link below. (BTW: Do you know Carol and Roger Moog? We’re friends of theirs.)
    Keep on rocking your great music! I hope to see you perform next time you’re in Philly.
    Best regards,
    How does anyone make peace with the paths they choose at crucial “crossroads” in their lives? For Eddie Baker, a middle-aged black man, those decisions are literally life-or-death matters. As a teenager, he secretly witnesses the lynching of a civil rights worker in Mississippi in the early 1960s. He flees the dangers of the South to Chicago and is able to forge a career as a blues guitarist. But even over 30 years later, in 1992 Los Angeles, he is still haunted by the horrific act he was powerless to stop. When a former Klansman is at long last prosecuted for the crime, Eddie reluctantly travels back to his Mississippi hometown for the trial. After the murder of the DA’s star witness, Eddie is pursued by someone who knows what he witnessed and wants him silenced forever.

    Murder at the Crossroads provides an insider’s guide to the ups and downs of a struggling blues musician. Eddie is helped by real-life blues greats and characters, a sidekick who has the body of a skinhead but the soul of a black bluesman, and loyal friends. Standing in his way are vengeful white supremacists, the animosity of a wronged woman, and his own fears and weaknesses.

    Eddie has a final shot at redemption. He must somehow find the path that leads to justice for a victim of past crimes while preventing another murder from happening, his own!

  4. Octavia

    Thank you so much Donna! I very much appreciate your sentiments….
    I gather it takes one to know one!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  5. Octavia

    Hi Dan, Thanks so very much for your lovely comment! It was awesome meeting you and hearing your music! You guys were lots of fun to hang with! I do hope we get to do more music together.
    Best to you all!
    PS Depending on the venue… I must sing Dan The Kitchen Man next time I see you! You’ll Love that Bessie Smith tune!

  6. Dan

    This woman is amazing. Once you get a chance to approach her After experiencing her captivating voice and magical fingers, you’re introduced to her beguiling personality. Not only do I recommend you see her, but I recommend you introduce yourself. You will not be disappointed.

  7. Donna Foster

    Octavia Blues Harp
    From what I gather about you, DearSoul…
    you are timelessly InsideOut beautiful ,have the timeless spirit of music& shine a light far beyond the human constructs of time.

  8. Liz Grosh, Recreation coordinator

    Hello Octavia,
    A long, long time ago, your blues band performed for us here at the Masonic Village, Retirement Community in Elizabethtown and I always meant to have you and your wonderful harmonica skills back here again.
    We , I apologize that I lost touch and forgot about you till someone asked me for a blues act for a small resident tavern here on campus and I wondered if you would consider coming in as either a soloist or with the duo I see listed here on your web site as it is a small venue – seats about 60 people for a 2hour Wed. evening gig- 5-7pm on Sept. 6th and then with the younger 60+ aged population I have here now, perhaps we can have your band back to perform in 2024! 717-367-1121 ext. 39930. I look forward to hearing from you and if 9/6- is no good I could switch to a different Wed. in Sept.

  9. Olivier

    Thanks for your talent!

  10. Elisha

    Your talent and 35 years on the road is evident when you play, and your tunes brought me to tears a few times. I don’t know why, but sometimes that happens when I hear incredible live blues music. Your harmonica is on point, as is the whole band, but there’s just something so special about the harmonica. I love it.

  11. Len

    Hello, Octavia- According to Cheryl (Zison), we are cousins..once removed, I think. Not that I really understand what “once removed means, But I harder it means are closer (genetically) than 3,000 times removed. Music is my passion, although I can’t sing, play an instrument and withdance three left feet — still looking for the right one (a Dean Martin title from long ago). However, for reasons I sometimes understand but on other occasions wonder “what does that mean?” I listen to pop, jazz, country, some opera, samba, folk, meringue, reggae, tejano (Tex-Mex border music), country western, Afro-Cuban ..but alas, not much Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and the blues – unless Dinah Washington is the blues. I have no idea how to reach you since, if you’re on Facebook, you have eluded me – several times removed. So what do I recommend as a musical introduction to a sort-of-real cousin? How ’bout Tom Waits on You Tube: “I Don’t Wanna Grow up? Assuming this reaches you, my email address is Rose Zison’s father was Jacob Rosendor, shorted by some of his children to Rosen, which I inherited and carry on the tradition, although it’s not always certain that the “carry on” is celebrated.

  12. Tiffany Zenjah

    Octavia is a great example of determination and belief in the American dream, truly living the dream. Ive seen her play once at Dirty Ol Tavern so passionately for music and being able to spread the love and positive energy to others is really beautiful.

  13. Octavia

    Thanks so much Matt! We Love supporting the 521 Club and their mission to help people return totheir best lives! It’s Always a Pleasure performing for your people and the Recovery Day Lancaster event. Thanks so much for having us!

  14. Matt

    Octavia and her band are amazing! They have played for our annual recovery day event at buchanan park for the past 3 years. Her passion for the event and for music is inspiring and always brings such a great energy! Thanks Octavia!

  15. Octavia

    Hi Karin and Dave,
    Thanks so much for your kind and heartfelt words. I appreciate you supporting my music and shows all of these years. Due to our discussion at our gig last Saturday I will consider some way to perhaps record more originals… sigh… if I can hook that up reasonably.
    Take care, and I’ll look forward to seeing you both again. Best always Warmly,

  16. Karin

    We were so happy to be able to see you last night. We definitely missed you. You have been and will always be an inspiration to us. Before covid we were on a rampage (per say) on how to get more people to hear and appreciate your music) We found that there is a huge variety in all age brackets that enjoy your music. We will continue to follow and promote your talent. We hope to see you soon. Hugs

  17. Karin

    We were so happy to be able to see you last night. We definitely missed you. You have been and will always be an inspiration to us. Before covid we were on a rampage (per say) on how to get more people to hear and appreciate your music) We found that there is a huge variety in all age brackets that enjoy your music. We will continue to follow and promote your talent. We hope to see you soon. Hugs

  18. Octavia

    Thanks so much Bret and Michelle… We have such a blast and it means everything to have it transfer to our audience… We Love you guys so much and seriously minus y’all it’s just a gig, but with you all it’s total magic for us!

  19. Octavia

    Hi Lisa, LOL “Skinny as a stringbean on my plate” is one of the lyrics in Pencil Thin Papa…. So much fun! Untill next year at Sun Valley,
    try to make a Dirty Ol’ Tavern show, listed at my site… I get to do the Bessie Smith songs that really lay it out … You’d love that too Funners!

  20. Lisa

    We saw you live at sun valley campground and you did a song with string bean man?????

  21. Bret and Michelle Stuckey

    Wow, I saw this band at the Dirty Ole Tavern Saturday and what a treat! Not only can she sing and play guitar but her harp playing is amazing sometimes juggling two at a time seamlessly, and the rest of the band is such a complimentary group of talented musicians that I can’t wait to see their next show. Love you guys.

  22. Joanne Arnold

    The Octavia Blues Band is incredible! Her voice has a myriad of color and range to it. Octavia sings the Blue nd Jazz with such heartfelt feeling that one can feel every word. I purchased two of their CD’s: “Talkin’ About My Baby” and “Hand In Glove,” of which I totally enjoyed! I will buy more, and listen to them while driving from Florida to Pennsylvania. I also can hardly wait to hear their band play live in Lancaster.

  23. Blair Burke

    hello Octavia . I spoke with you on the phone today. it was a pleasure. is the website we were talking about.

  24. Octavia

    OMG Joanne, Thanks so much I so appreciate your lovely heartfelt comment! It’s people such as yourself who make all we do so worth it all!
    Thanks so much and we are all doing all we can to stay safe… You too as well! XOXO, Octavia and the boys.

  25. Joanne Arnold

    Octavia, please stay safe, we need more beautiful people in the world like you and your group! You and your band make superior beautiful music!

  26. Niwana Hoffman

    I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Octavia and rehearsing with her for an upcoming show at 551 West in Lancaster February 7. I had seen her videos and was blown away by her powerful melodic vocals as well as her mastery of the harmonica. She is a treasure and if you’ve never seen her live get out there and do it! She is a wonderful person too.❤️

  27. Rebecca

    We had a great afternoon at the Kissel View Beer Garden with the Octavia Blues Band. Some of the best blues sounds around. Great conversation after as well! Thanks, Octavia for that! We bought a CD and listened to it twice after we got home!! We’ll be sure to see you soon!

  28. Steve Nemith

    We really enjoyed your show at Wyndridge Beirgarden today. First time we ever heard of the band, but it won’t be the last time we see you. Your originals are tasty compositions of melodic bliss. Everyone is so talented that as a whole your band puts on a extremely enjoyable show. Thank you!

  29. Carol Franklin

    I was downtown Lancaster for the Summer Arts Festival to see Infusion with Octavia. While enjoying the music a gentleman, David sat down beside me. He is a percussionist for Dianna Ross playing at the American Music Theater. He wanted me to tell you he was walking back from dinner after a long drive from Canada and heard your music. He said he enjoyed your band.

  30. Jessica Tice Warner

    Met you at Eye Associates about 8 minutes ago. Can’t wait to catch you live soon!

  31. Hershey Sensenig

    I’m looking forward to hearing your music, I stumbled across you by accident today. 🙂 Have a lovely Easter!

  32. Steve Davis

    “You are a real treat, Octavia! Thanks for making our gig so much fun!”

  33. BJ Hamp

    Nice meeting and talking with you yesterday at Costco. I listened to your songs and loved what I heard. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to one of your performances. Best wishes,

  34. Daphne Berwanger

    ALWAYS a fabulous show!! Love you guys so much!! Can’t wait for the new albums!!!

  35. paul frentzen

    Just saw the Octavia Blues Band at Sun Valley on June 9. I was quite surprised at how good they are. Octavia is a dynamite harmonica player, quite the highlight. good band, some good originals as well as covers. A lot of fun, even some jokes from the drummer, age appropriate. Hope they make it back soon.

  36. Octavia

    Hi Terrilyn,
    Unless there is a miracle and I get a manager agent to book our band there I most likely wont be going back west. But thanks so much for your lovely comment.
    I am cutting my next two albums of originals.
    Keep in touch on Facebook Octavia Blues Harp and at… videos and music page are fun.
    The best to you always,

  37. Octavia

    Terrilyn Sigler Meseck
    Assigned to Octavia Blues Harp
    FEB 6TH, 12:16AM
    Terrilyn Sigler Meseck
    Saw you at NAMM playing with Bobby Messano in the Godin Guitar room, you were fabulous! Looks like you only playing Pennsylvania. Do you ever come to California and play?

  38. Wanda Baynard

    Love her shows!

  39. Yvonne Stecky

    closest thing to Janis I’ve heard…and Octavia’s bond with the harmonica is ASTOUNDING!!!

  40. Luis Ramos

    When I listen your music believe me I felt so good and happy I am so excited waiting to be able to listen to the rest of your songs.

  41. Octavia

    I joined Number 1 music…. added a tune or two and got some lovely feedback:
    Love your music – you’re a breath of fresh air. I love music of all sorts; I think I can safely say, however, you’re one of my faves!

    hey your music helps me standing a hard time at the moment! thank you for it..

  42. Octavia

    Hi Tom and Janis, I printed that album in July… I didn’t get to this page till now. The album is called Hand In Glove and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m soon in the process of cutting my next two albums of original music.
    Should you have interest in any of my CD’s,feel free to reply to my em: as I am rarely at this page..
    Take care and hope to hear from you soon.
    Best always,

  43. Octavia

    On the topic of musicians not being compensated properly John Thomas Bailey sent me this lovely statement through facebook:
    “I have been to some of your shows, and no matter what you are being paid, it isn’t quite enough. You are one of the rare extremely talented musicians that I have seen. I don’t get out often, but I love original music and your’s is great.”

  44. Octavia

    Wow! Thanks so much Hambone! I really appreciate that! xoxo, O

  45. Hambone Bailey

    I have been a working musician for 52 years , having played with and for many very talented people .When I first saw Octavia , I was blown away , by her ability to circulative breathe ,while playing the Harmonica . The notes were endless and executed flawlessly .Topped off by her guitar playing , and , great originals , I love originals ,She and her band ,entertained ,to the n,th degree .Definitely , a band worth seeing ,over , and over, again . Hambone Bailey.

  46. Anonymous

    I have been a working musician for 52 years , having played with and for many very talented people .When I first saw Octavia , I was blown away , by her ability to circulative breathe ,while playing the Harmonica . The notes were endless and executed flawlessly .Topped off by her guitar playing , and , great originals , I love originals ,She and her band ,entertained ,to the n,th degree .Definitely , a band worth seeing ,over , and over, again . Hambone Bailey.

  47. Charlotte Anne Hill

    The amazing Octavia, what can I say? STUNNING vocals, harp and guitarist. Beautiful woman and so lovely too. A pleasure to meet, know and an honor to have shook hands with 🙂 Loved by myself, my partner and my father. You will always be on my playlist 🙂 All the best xxx

  48. Octavia

    Hi Ed, It's nice hearing from you… I'm going to be at the Pond on the 16th… I have a different lineup from when you last saw me….. Performing with non grumpy players is much nicer…. I do remember meeting many of you nurses… I love nurses… fun people ad I think I shared that sentiment with you all then…. All of my shows are at my site… I love to perform but am getting tired of the booking chase game… Looking for an agent (one that actually works… if you know of any. Hope to catch up soon! Thanks for reaching out! I'm on facebook too… Octavia Blues Harp and The Octavia Blues Band Take care and come party with us!

  49. Octavia

    Hey Brad! Thanks so much! You Rock! The place was rockin' wasn't it! I recently returned from my UK tour…. You work for Amtrak… Do you ever get to PA?

  50. Octavia

    Hi Corinna, It was awesome seeing you again. We did have a great evening. I plan being back next year! Please feel free to stay in touch. Throw me an em Darlin’ at

  51. Octavia

    Thanks for your comment Karen, We had a blast and survived! Fun spot. Best, Octavia and the boys

  52. Karen Doyle

    Great night at the Murderers x

  53. Corinna

    Hi Oc. So good to catch up with you last night. Loved the live performance in my folks front room! Love to you … corinna x

  54. Brad Swartzwelter

    Just played for 3 minutes with Octavia at Denver Union Station. This Chick Rocks!!! What an honor to play with a world class act in a quick little impromptu thing. And such a gorgeous sweet playing guitar – a moment of bliss. "West Bound Train" never sounded half as good.

  55. Nicolas D. Duncan

    Hi Octavia,

    We like to send a huge THANK YOU to all band members for playing at the Pride Festival of Central Pa this past Saturday, July 25th. The music exceeded even my expectations, you were excellent. We could not have asked for anything better. You created a warm and fun atmosphere, which helped me achieve my goal Your wicket harmonica playing and vocals got people up and dancing with such ease. So many people said to me how they enjoyed your music and you may end up with more Facebook “likes” and traffic through your website and future shows.

    Again, thank you and we wish you the best in future goals!

    Nicolas D. Duncan
    Pride Festival of Central PA – V.P. Entertainment
    P.O. Box 4213
    Harrisburg, PA 17111

  56. Ann DeMoss

    Got to get you into my life I’m so excited you’re going back to England oh you’re going to have a ball just make sure you drink enough water peace sister

  57. Mary Emelio

    “Well our wish came true…… Octavia is Ranked #1 on Reverbnation R&B/Soul/Jazz!!!! Love you Octavia!!! You are the Queen !!!!! wink emoticon.”
    Mary Emelio is the crankin’ lead guitarist from the premire Lancaster PA based all female rock band “Fierce”. I have performed some shows in Mary’s band and always have a blast. Mary’s guitar work with my harp…. Magic! We’ve raised some roofs together! Thanks Mary! I look forward to performing more shows with you Mama!

  58. Flo


  59. Tom & Janis Barninger

    Oh Yes! Wish he came with me. It was very cool…. lots of musicians… lots of awesome history.

  60. Octavia

    Hi Tom and Janis,
    Yes, It’s a classic vocal jazz standards album with an amazing piano man Marty Mellinger.
    I must return to the project. The music was recorded at a live show at the Lititz Library. It’s just awesome. I must do the album graphics next.
    Thanks for asking and I hope to see you at a show soon! Please review at… Doing Tellus360 this Thursday night.

  61. Tom and Janis Barninger

    Tom’s birthday coming up March 26. Is there a new cd out or coming out?

  62. Don Dissinger

    Octavia Blues coming to New Cumberland??? Awesome. They won’t know what hit them…See you there.

  63. Tom and Janis Barninger

    Hi, remember us? Last time we talked Tom was coming to New Orleans when you went. We’ll be there tonight. Will you join us for a drink? Always good to see you when you’re in our area!!

  64. Octavia

    Hi Chris,
    Yes it was fun jamming with you all at the Recovery Room. NOLA is a fun town. I am unsure when I will be back. I just returned from a trip to CA where I had the honor to jam harp with Stevie Wonder! I visited and Denver CO on my way back east. Should your plans bring you east, be certain to check my schedule at and plan your trip around one of my shows if you can. Other than that I am working on my 6th CD these days, and trust me they will outlast me by a long shot. This is a link to my youtube channel:
    Take care and I hope to catch up soon.

  65. Octavia

    Thanks for your comment. It’s been ages since playing at the Berks Co Jazz Festival but I do have several shows show lined up at the Pond this year. The 8/15 date will not happen, as I will be in Denver then. Please go to my site and plan a trip or so. It would be great to see you all again! I just returned from CA where I jammed with Stevie Wonder! It was a sureal, and most amazing experience as I’m sure you can imagine.
    Stay in touch and thanks for reaching out. Hope to catch up soon!
    The best to you and your Reading Hospital buds!

  66. Anonymous

    Hi Octavia, met you a few years back at The Frog Pond in Rehoboth Beach then again at the Berks County Jazz Fest…at The Pike Cafe, and you sang a song for me by Stevie Ray Vaughn…hope you remember me and my friends from the ED at Reading Hospital…was hoping to see you back at Jazz Fest again…will you be coming back? Also playing near Elysburg/Williamsport Pa this summer??

  67. Chris Workmon

    Hi Octavia!
    Hope all is going well up your way. Enjoyed Jamming with You at the Recovery Room! Look forward to doing it
    again soon. Let us know when you are headed back to New Orleans!

  68. Lori Graboyes

    i love you Octavia and your music and you have great stage presence and you interact with the audience you know I’ve seen you perform many times and I dig you!

  69. Curtis Turpin

    It was great meeting you last night at High Stakes, I was the guy sharing the table with you. Just plain and simple, I was blown away.

  70. Kelly

    Octavia, really glad to have met you at Union Station yesterday. Inspiring original songs….you are a true story teller through music. Paul and I will be in touch : )

  71. Donald “Jamie” Dissinger

    Saw yins in Gettysburg a couple of weeks ago. Amazing! Seeing Chip Stanilla again was awesome too. He rocks.

  72. Octavia

    Hi Randy,

    Much appreciation for sharing your comment which means the world to us. I have felt with all of my soul that I am supposed to share this music with as many people as possible. I’ve always felt it’s all a bout the feel good. I am so grateful we could distract your wife from her pain for a couple of hours. The music I have been blessed to hone helped my beloved Mother through several bouts of cancer, operations and in general a list as long as my arm before she bed bound. It was a blessing to see the joy on her face as she absorbed the music. I sent my Cd’s with her for eternity just as she wanted. I wrote a song for her on my singer songwriter album “A Touch Of Wisdom: You are a loving dedicated husband. Please hug you wife for me. Sending love to you both and I hope you both will be able to make another show sometime. The best to you both,

  73. Octavia

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed our show. I guess it’s fairly obvious we live to share our music.
    Please say hi and mention our exchange here when you do. I look forward to putting your face to your comment, and I really appreciate you taking a moment to share your comment with us.
    Best always, Octavia

  74. Randy

    My wife and I just saw your performance Sunday, behind Rita’s in Elizabethtown.
    You guys were awesome.
    The two hours spent enjoying your music helped get my wife’ s mind off of her troubles.
    She’s been battling metastatic breast cancer for almost 5 years and now and is in a lot of pain. But she got into the music anyway and managed to clap and tap her toes to the beat !
    Thank you so much for a wonderful performance.
    Hope to see again soon !

  75. Carmella

    Awesome performance! Amazing talent! Highly recommended. A must see and listen to experience. Enjoyable time. Can’t wait for the next performance.

  76. Barbara Vajda – Octavia

    Barbara Vajda shot some video of our show at the Art & Glassworks 6/20/14 and I thanked her for capturing the moment:
    Your welcome loved hearing you. my friend loves your band plans on seeing there in september or when you play in lancaster.awesome u r simply awesome

  77. Barbara Dorsey

    Caught your show with some of my group this past Friday at Art& Glassworks. You never disappoint! What a show! Hope to catch you between now & Sept 19th. I have your dates on my calendar.

  78. Nate Myers

    This comment came in from Nate Myers of Nate Myers and the Aces via a Facebook message after the Gettysburg Fest both of our bands participated in.
    “Hey, I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your show yesterday – great original material – excellent harmonica and vocals and great band! Best wishes with your music – you deserve it.”

  79. Octavia

    To all the heroic Fathers who sacrifice their time in so many ways in support of their families. As a mother, I am grateful to my husband who initiated my being a Mother. He always stands by his family and has supported who I am with the music I am driven to share.
    Some fathers may not be able to verbally express their love but look beyond the surface you will see their love in their actions.
    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the terrific Dad’s out there! We love honor respect and appreciate who you are and all you do!

    Due to life situations, some Dad’s may not be with their children often or at all. Please consider that as long as we live there is time to reach out to your children, even if it’s a message on FB, a letter, a call, in whatever way. The important thing is to reach out and let your children know you love them. The love of a Father can not be replaced and not only means the world to your child it sets an example for the fathers they may become.

    We Love You Dads!

  80. Octavia

    Thanks Chuck, come out for the open mic I’m hosting at Shanks on Thursday June 26th 8 – 11.

  81. Octavia

    It’s always a pleasure seeing ya Deb. So glad you enjoyed! xo ya Lady!

  82. Octavia

    Thanks Mike! it was awesome seeing you both!

  83. Mike Maccarino

    Awesome set at Conestoga Restaurant in Lancaster!!!

  84. Deb Smoker

    Hi Octavia!! Thanks for the wonderful show Friday night at 511 West!! Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the music! The band was smokin’ lady!!! 🙂 We had a great time dancing!! Love you O! See you soon!

  85. Chuck Musser

    Great show at Shenks

  86. Deb Smoker

    Hey Octavia, thanks for the great new CD!! I’ve been listening to it and I can’t stop!! I can’t get enough of your music!! 🙂 Love ya Lady!!

  87. Deb Aukamp

    What a great time last night with Octavia at the 521 Club!! Everyone absolutely loved them, and there was a lot of dancing happening!! Thanks to them for the great show, and thanks to everyone who came out!! I loved it!!

  88. Ronnie G Shaeffer

    My friend Bree, and I just happened to be visiting Lancaster on Friday, what a surprise, what a treat! We found Octavia Blues Band! I have been friends with, and the MC for all of the headliners, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Elton John, The Kinks, Edgar Winters, B B King, Alice Cooper, Sly and The Family Stone, Jethro Tull and the list goes on and on. The point being, now it’s time for Octavia to be the headliner! Folks, this is one outstanding, amazing show that everyone must see! Each band member is a seasoned pro! The group is amazingly tight and, because they are having so much fun playing, it is contagious to the point you can barely stay in your seat! Unbounded energy plus! Harrisburg loves you! Much love to the entire group! Keep Rockin!

  89. Octavia

    The Octavia Blues Band won the International Blues Challenge and are Memphis bound in January. It is our honor to represent the Second Story Blues Alliance for the next round of competitions.

  90. Krista Pflanz

    Just saw their show @ 551 West…Octavia Blues Harp brings the roof down! What amazing energy and quality! Octavias' voice and harmonica playing grab you and pull you in!! You are a treasure Octavia!! If I remember correctly, you said at the show that "Shy One" is your favorite…well, it's my favorite too!!!! LOVE this band!! Thank you!

  91. Jolleen Biesecker

    Facebook comment: Jolleen Biesecker via Octavia Blues Harp
    This is Octavia Blues Harp & she is Some Kind of Wonderful musician! She feeds your soul!! Can’t wait to see her again at 551 West in June.

  92. Debbie Yoder Smoker

    Debbie Yoder Smoker posted to Octavia Blues Harp Facebook page:
    Sunday Awesome O, absolutely awesome! Schrick,
    Chip and Jamie ROCK!! Thanks for the great show!
    Your energy was off the charts! Thank you, thank you!!!
    I LOVE the new band!!

  93. bao hiem

    We are a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with useful information to work on. You have performed an impressive job and our whole community might be grateful to you.

  94. Sherry R

    Love your new band… are such an amazing talent! My husband and I enjoyed you at Fero Vineyards! Looking forward to seeing you soon! You are awesome!

  95. Octavia

    Octavia Blues Harp and Mary Emelio’s facebook pages comments about The Octavia Blues Band’s show at 551 West , Lancaster on 3/23/13:
    Debbie Yoder Smoker: Octavia Blues Harp, you and the band ROCKED last night!! Thanks for the great music! Love you lady!! 🙂
    Mae Capoeira and Jolleen Biesecker like this.
    Cindy Maurer: What Debbie said!!!! Love you “O”!
    Deb Aukamp: Shit–we could have come there when we found out the concert was sold out!!!!
    Mary Emelio: Ms. Octavia making our birthday extra special! 😉 — with Octavia Blues Harp at 551 West.
    Sicily Gurreri: Thanks Octavia Blues Harp , Had a Great time ! You n the band were wonderful !!!
    Mary Emelio: Let’s not forget Larry, the Hounddog! He is a birthday boy too! OMGosh did we have a great night! Thanks for the fun….today, I feel OLD…..didn’t know I could move all those parts dancing!
    Mary Emelio: It was a BLAST! Thank you everyone! Octavia ROCKED the house……
    Sicily Gurreri: Octavia Did Rock !!!! Great Nite !!

  96. Wayne Smith Sr./The Poet Albert

    The whole world should stand up and take notice of how marvelous the blessing bestowed on this truly magnificent musician. Her spirit shines from her heart and into her wonderful lyrics. She is truly one of Gods great blessings to the world.

  97. Denise Graybeal-Miller

    Denise Graybeal-Miller 3/10/13 (Pickled Herring Pub)
    We had so much fun last night. You are so amazing and we love your new band.

  98. Chuck

    Great show at Stoudt’s

  99. Sonny

    Once again you rocked the room. You never disappoint

  100. Theresa

    Awesome show at the Burning Bridge on Saturday! Everyone I brought with me loved it. I hope you play in York sometime maybe at the Roosevelt Tavern or Heritage Hills.

  101. Kris Spangler

    We just saw Octavia last night at Burning Bridge Tavern in Wrightsville PA. This was with the new band, top notch she played tons of Her originals which were great!! Her new bass player even did an original of his own.
    It truly was a nice change to hear her own music rather than doing all covers!!
    A fan forever!! You go Girl!!

  102. Kalea j

    You put on a great show. I can tell that you toss your heart and soul into the mix which makes for great entertainment. Can’t wait to grab my friends and catch your next show!

  103. Clint

    What a way to bring in the New Year with Octavia and the Pickled Hearing Pub. Octavia and Bill rocked on Voodoo Child.

  104. Jenny

    Octavia plays the best damn blues harp I’ve ever heard! Her vocals are melodic, deep and souful. This woman ROCKS!

  105. Yo Mama

    You know I think your terrific, the very best. There is none better. Rebecca got this up for me. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I love your notes flying around. It’s so original. I have to go back to my room to finish the little tease you gave me on your cd’s. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Dr. B

    Nice mix of soulful blues with a fun sound that I could listen to for hours. Well designed web site that is both easy to use and visually inviting. Kudos!

  107. Debbie Martin

    I was one of the South Carolina crowd and thoroughly enjoyed your show at the BluesFest.
    I am originally from San Diego and have many “blues lover” friends there who I have been “sharing your music with”.
    So, if you ever get to San Diego you may already have a small crowd waiting to see you live!!
    Thank you for sharing your feelings through your music. In my world, music is a essential part of my being.
    When someone’s music thrills me to “goose bumps” as far as I’m concerned, this is music from “GOD”
    to fill me up inside with good feelings. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME GOOSE BUMPS!!!
    You can bet I’ll be there. God Bless You!!

  108. John

    “Down in the Hollow” is a truly exciting CD and we are enjoying it immensely! Your incisive, lyrical harp and forceful vocals charged with energy and emotion make unforgettable listening. I had quite forgotten how much I enjoyed the living blues when I used to go to the Philadelphia Folk Festival and elsewhere

  109. Your kitchen man’s a callin’ (Keith M. Taylor)

    Octavia,You did an awesome job for Blues, Brews and Barbecue!!!
    I cannot tell you just how much the audience and I enjoyed having you and your band at our place.
    Your mom is a gem that adds to your jeweled crown as the “Queen of the Blues

  110. Sallie Rihn, Lititz Library

    On behalf of the Lititz Public Library, I am writing to express our appreciation for your involvement with both our monthly music concerts sponsored by Waypoint, now Sovereign, Bank and with our Wisdom Years programs for seniors.
    Our residents very much appreciate having a local venue to experience cultural and musical programs as part of the library’s life long learning initiative. Your jazz concerts have added greatly to this effort to introduce, instruct and, of course, entertain our program participants. You inject so much intensity and passion into your music through your collection of harmonicas, giving a rich texture to both the jazz standards and original music that you play.
    During our seniors program, you have brought an added dimension to the music by making the program interactive. You have engaged the audience through your own stories of the music you play, as well as with the percussion instruments that you bring along for people to use as you perform. I also want to acknowledge and thank you for the successful, interactive music programs for children that you have done at our library as well.
    Thank you again, Octavia,for all of your efforts on the library’s behalf. You have a dedicated commitment to both playing and sharing about your music.

  111. Bill from the Witaker Center, Delbert McClinton Show

    I saw you play as the opening act last night. You blew me away. You have the distinction as
    the best opening act I have ever ever seen. I look forward to seeing you as the headliner at Whitaker.
    The slide guitar work and your harmonica work and vocals are supurb.
    I wished you played longer. Just wanted to let you know.